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We are a work space dedicated to supporting, celebrating and connecting local entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.

WEare more than just a place where people get work done. Epicentral Coworking aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial community in Colorado Springs by providing innovative risk-takers the space and tools to launch for-profit and non-profit ventures, create jobs, solve problems, and drive economic development. We do this by thinking strategically, honoring creativity, designing for cross pollination, identifying successes while allowing for failures, and celebrating the heck out of one another. Membership at Epicentral allows independent workers to escape the isolation of the home office. We also provide professional environments such conference rooms and event space that are not available in coffee shops. We offer our members office supplies, whiteboards, a kitchen, and other technologies. Most importantly, membership at Epicentral provides you the opportunity to be surrounded by a wide variety of skilled professionals that can offer a network of talent, support, and clients. Industries represented by our current membership include: design, marketing, medical technology, alternative energy, web development, consulting, real estate, finance, software development, engineering, content management, publishing, outdoor gear & apparel, defense contracting, copy editing, health & food, non-profits, and more.

We believe in innovation, openness, risk-taking, and investing in our local community.

THEculture of Epicentral is one of openness, acceptance and support. We are a community that believes in connection, innovation, celebration, change, and personal investment. We believe that being around others sparks encouragement, motivates us to take on new challenges, and pushes our productivity to a higher level. Social interactions drive creativity and business by allowing us to discover new perspectives and opportunities. We believe those who work well from home likely don’t “home” well at work. A clear, spatial distinction between work and home can lead to better work-life balance. We believe entrepreneurs and small businesses are the key to job creation and economic well being. Along with our members, Epicentral strives to be a platform for local change. We believe that in order to create change, people need time, space, and a supportive network, all of which Epicentral can provide. We take great pride in our city and we will continue our work in “loss prevention” to ensure we retain great people.

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Our vision is to invigorate our local economy by being a downtown epicenter of entrepreneurship, business, and creativity.

OURvision is to be the local epicenter of entrepreneurship, business, and creativity that drives vibrancy downtown, elicits pride in Colorado Springs, and invigorates our community’s approach to economic development. Status quo is not an option. We will be the place where risk is applauded, failure embraced and success is celebrated. Epicentral will be a catalyst in building a local network of startups, mentors and investors. We will be the reason many choose to stay and start their businesses in Colorado Springs. Epicentral will help change the culture of our city to one of openness, pride, innovation, and support. And a few years from now, start ups and other small businesses will flock to Colorado Springs because it will be a great place to live and grow a business.

Lisa Tessarowicz

In addition to cofounding and operating the coworking space, Lisa works for her family office, where her job duties include asset management, estate planning, investment research, and philanthropic initiatives. Lisa studied international business at the University of Denver and Public Administration at the University of Colorado. Lisa sits on a handful of not for profit boards, and enjoys hiking and traveling.

Hannah Parsons

Hannah began a career in real estate after marriage to her husband, Bob Parsons, owner of a local general contracting company. Prior to her career in real estate Hannah worked in the financial planning industry. She earned her undergraduate degree in International Business and her MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship. Bob and Hannah live downtown with their two beautiful young daughters, their dog Lola and seven backyard chickens. Hannah is an advocate for downtown Colorado Springs and serves as Chair of the Greater Downtown Colorado Springs Business Improvement District.